Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Essie Demure Vixen

I was looking through my stash of nail polish for a neutral spring color and I came upon this one which I bought and never worn before. In the bottle it doesn't look like much but I was surprised to see how good it looked on my nails. It is a muted mauve with purple specks of shimmer in it. The shimmer is hardly noticeable unless in bright light or sunlight but it just adds something extra to this color.

It works really well with my skin tone and it's a subtle color. This came out for the Summer 2010 collection but you should still be able to find it online. The formula is like a lot of the Essie polishes, just easy to apply, thin but opaque consistency. The only thing is it does require three coats to get the color in the bottle. Most of my other polishes only require two coats. The pictures don't do this color justice but you get the idea. I just think this color would work for any occasion, work, wedding, etc.


  1. very pretty... Essie Lady Like is very similar..i like it a lot. XX

  2. I love this color :)
    It's so cute and classy!