Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Essie Demure Vixen

I was looking through my stash of nail polish for a neutral spring color and I came upon this one which I bought and never worn before. In the bottle it doesn't look like much but I was surprised to see how good it looked on my nails. It is a muted mauve with purple specks of shimmer in it. The shimmer is hardly noticeable unless in bright light or sunlight but it just adds something extra to this color.

It works really well with my skin tone and it's a subtle color. This came out for the Summer 2010 collection but you should still be able to find it online. The formula is like a lot of the Essie polishes, just easy to apply, thin but opaque consistency. The only thing is it does require three coats to get the color in the bottle. Most of my other polishes only require two coats. The pictures don't do this color justice but you get the idea. I just think this color would work for any occasion, work, wedding, etc.

5 Products I'd Cry if They Were Discontinued

I saw a TAG on youtube which I thought was a perfect opportunity to show the products I use day to day and simply love and can't do without that I forget to talk about.

Items mentioned:

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler- only available online since they do not sell in US retail stores anymore. The best eyelash curler out there, especially for Asian eyes.

NARS Blush in Deep Throat- my favorite blush, pink with the perfect amount of peach and gold shimmer that just brightens up the face.

MAC 217 blending brush- I use this everyday since it deposits color and blends. I do not like any harsh lines so this is a must have!

Origins Precipitation Extra for Very Dry Skin- This leaves my skin silky soft and moisturized. There are two formulas, Origins Precipitation and Precipitation Extra. I use the regular one in the summer since it isn't as heavy and it comes in a bottle with a pump which is convenient. The Precipitation Extra is a must have for winter since I get itchy and super dry. It also helps greatly reduce the bumps on the back of my arms which I believe is called Keratosis Pilaris.

Clarisonic- This has helped reduce pore size and minimize hormonal breakouts. I have the Mia which is for traveling but I like this size better than the original. They also recently reduced their price from $149 to $119 so it's definitely worth the investment. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Products I've Been Recently Loving and Used Up and OOTD/FOTD

I've been having so many camera and uploading issues. My files are too big and are not uploading onto youtube for editing. Maybe it's the setting on my camera?? I don't really know but I was finally able to put these two videos up. I'm trying to get a tutorial up but there has been no success. I use natural daylight to try to film a tutorial but the sunlight is just too bright and washes me out. The colors I use do not show up well on the camera so I'm still working on that. I filmed my MAC eyeshadow collection two weeks back but I'm still unable to upload since the file is so large. Stay tuned. :)

First video is a review of the products I've been using recently and some products I've used up or about to finish.

Second is the outfit I wore that day. Spring is here!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector 03

I'm not a big fan of lipgloss. I hate how my hair sticks to it and when you pull the hair off your face, it just leaves some product on the side of your face too. I do own several lipglosses but I only wear it on occasion for certain looks and I definitely don't use one everyday. Overall, I'm just not into the super shiny gloss appeal to lipglosses. I heard rave reviews about the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector last year and it wasn't a product I was dying to try but I did keep it in the back of my head. I was at Bloomingdales this weekend and I was right next to the Clarins counter so I decided to give it a try. I've mostly seen people talk about color #01 which is called Rose Shimmer and it was mentioned as a milky pink so of course that's the one I wanted to try. Turns out it is more of a medium pink than a light milky pink and on my lips it is not pigmented enough to cover my natural lip color so it just makes my natural lip color even brighter. All three of the colors don't have much pigment to them really but I did end up getting #03 Beige Shimmer and the color is just enough to tone down my natural lip color which is exactly what I want. It's more of a nude peach color than a beige as the name implies. The texture of these is what makes these so popular. It's basically a glossier balm and feels really comfortable on the lips. It is not sticky at all and doesn't cause my lips to flake when it dries which most lip glosses tend to do.

The ingredients contain Shea Butter, wild Mango and Plant extracts which hydrate the lips. It has a sugary smell to it, maybe creme brulee? It also doesn't leave a taste in your mouth which I appreciate. I really like the sponge applicator instead of a wand which is easier to apply and you do not need a mirror with this. I use this as I would a lipbalm during the day and the nude color goes with all my makeup looks. It makes my lips look plump and fuller so I definitely recommend if you are a day time balm wearer like me. Ohh and it's $21. :)

Nice squeeze tube and contains 0.35 oz of product

Pearl shimmer and sponge applicator

On bare lips