Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fantastic Find!! FusionBeauty SculptDiva Contouring & Sculpting Cream Blush

If anyone lives in NYC, there is a discount store called Jack's World which is categorized as a 99 cents store. There is one right up the block from my work and I drop by occasionally during lunch time. I've found many great steeply discounted makeup items that are still currently at Sephora. Most of these items however are either about to be discontinued or no longer available at Sephora. There was a bunch of items from the FusionBeauty line and I came across their SculptDivaContouring & Sculpting Blush which they were selling for $2.99!! The original cost is $29 which they still sell at which I linked below. That's an amazing deal so definitely run to your nearest Jack's store to see if they have it.

On to why this blush is so amazing besides the steal of the price....
This blush is a cream to powder finish with is very smooth and easy to blend. It is not at all sticky on the skin which is why I like this so much. It doesn't go on patchy and takes little effort to apply. I simply swirl one or two fingers into the product and dab it onto the cheeks until it is blended out. On me it last through a full work day which is about 8 hrs but keep in mind I have dry skin.

Some of the claims are:
  • Rose bud extracts help refine skin's texture as hydrating conditioners nourish.

  • A concentrated dose of Amplifat™ complex plumps up the skin for visibly firmer cheeks.

  • Over time, this ingenious formula works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • I'm not reading too much into these claims since all I really want is a blush that's easy to apply and gives me a nice healthy color to my cheeks. But hey, if it does help with firming, wrinkles, and approving the appearance that's just an added bonus.

    The colors I purchased are: Haute (mid-toned rosey pink), Crave (shimmery peach apricot), Gossip (nude mauve) They are all very wearable colors. Crave is the only color with noticeable golden shimmer to it.




    From Top to Bottom: Gossip, Crave, Haute
    With Flash from Left to Right: Gossip, Crave, Haute
     I initially only purchased Haute but I was so impressed that I went back to get the other colors too. Again, it was only 3 bucks so that is an amazing steal!! I'm sure you can find this discounted online as well. If I had to choose one of them out of the three it would be Haute. It's just the perfect natural looking pink glow. I've been using these everyday for over a week and I have to say the formula is probably the best out of the cream blushes that I've tried.

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    1. I came across these a while ago but didn't buy any coz there weren't any testers so wasn't sure how the formula was.. But after this review, I think ima grab at least one and check it out.. I loooove blushes! =P