Friday, April 13, 2012

Colorful Bright Loafer Flats for Spring

I wear loafers or flats basically everyday during the spring and even the summer. I prefer loafers over ballet flats since I do not find ballet flats all that comfortable. I'm specifically talking about the ones that are more rounded and less coverage in front so it's not fitted on your foot. Actually, I don't even really like the "toe cleavage". Anyways, I do not walk around in flat sandals when I commute to Manhattan for work because the streets are so dirty, it makes your heel cracked and dry too. I've been looking around for new shoes since I've been wearing the heck out out my Ugg Sightsee loafers. They have some really great colorful loafers available now and I'm pretty impressed with the selection. Here are some of my picks.

Dolce Vita Damala- $79

Ciao Bella Magda Moccasin- $49

Steve Madden Croquetl loafer- $72

Charles Phillip loafers- $135

Dolce Vita Delice Flat- $78

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