Thursday, June 21, 2012

Drugstore Rave: Loreal Infallible Lacquer 24hr Eyeliner

I have to admit, my make-up stash consist mainly of high end brands since the color payoff and pigmentation is usually not up to par in my experience. Lately however, drugstore make-up has really impressed me. I've been searching for a good brown gel eyeliner for awhile now and I haven't been able to find one that I like. They are either too flat of a color, too light or too dark. Amazingly, I found the perfect shade and consistancy from the drugstore! I think it just came out since it was in those display cases. It's called the Loreal Infallible Lacquer 24hr Liner and I got the color Bronze Bronze. It also comes with a really good USEABLE brush. The consistancy reminds me of Bobbi Brown's Gel eyeliner and it actually seems to be more smudge proof. I find that the Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner dries up too quickly and ends up flaking on me. The retail price for the Loreal Infallible gel eyeliner is $9.95 but there are always sales happening. I got mine at Rite Aid for Buy One get One Half Off.

Packaging is a sturdy glass jar and comparable to Bobbi Brown and MAC Fluidline. The opening is not too small like the Clinque gel liner so it's easy to get the product out.

Most brushes that come with liners are rough and basically not useable. This one is actually really good and comes with a cap!! It also reminds me of the Bobbi Brown's eyeliner brush that retails for $25. It has a flat and fine tip but the BB tip is a bit shorter. I really love the short handle which makes it easier to use. I personally use an angled eyeliner brush but for people who like this shape it's a great added bonus. 

Left: Loreal in Bronze Bronze, Right: Bobbi Brown Chocolate Shimmer Ink
 As you can see the Loreal eyeliner is darker compared to Bobbi Brown's Chocolate Shimmer Ink. They both have shimmer to it but Loreal's is less intense. Loreal Infallible Lacquer liner was also harder to wash off than Bobbi Brown's Gel eyeliner so it will last all day and will not smudge. I think this color is perfect for everyday since black eyeliner can be too harsh. However, if you want a darker liner there are 4 other shades available: Blackest Black, Dark Slate, Espresso, and Navy. I'm pretty excited about this product and I think this is a must have for gel liner users!


  1. Hi, i would check those eyeliners. thanks for sharing. You should check Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lipstick they very similar to the YSL glossy stain and a lot cheaper.

    xx Margarita

    1. Really, I actually tried that lipstick and I don't think it's similar at all. The YSL is high shine and more like a gloss texture and bare minerals feels like a liquid lipstick with more of a satin finish. Both very nice products and long lasting.